Monday, June 8, 2009

Someone followed us home. Daddy fed her my food and gave her a water bowl. Now he's letting her sleep over. I'm not sharing my toys; she looks shifty.


  1. Look at her face, a sweetie. So, is she still sleeping over?

  2. Sadly, no. After taking both dogs on a spirited walk, John contacted the Richmond Animal Protection Society to see if anyone was missing their beloved friend. He found out that this poor wandering animal, who we named "Lucy," had actually been adopted from the shelter back in May. The shelter asked us to return her, so that they could contact the owners and investigate the circumstances of her getting lost. RAPS has pretty strict regulations and standards (and they're no-kill), so if the previous owners are found unfit, Lucy will go up for adoption again and we'll have a chance to "apply" for her if we want. Apparently, quite a few families wanted Lucy before she was adopted the first time, so there may be some competition for her. Which is good!

    Definitely some sad faces around here.

  3. Lucy Update: John and I went back to the shelter to see if we could take Lucy for a walk, but her adopted owners had already picked up her. Apparently, they were quite distraught and Lucy rushed right to them.

    We took a tour of the shelter, but didn't bring any additional fursons home.

  4. Oh, it's good to know that she's with a caring family!

    (Not that I'm encouraging you, but if you ever are looking for another furson, is a great resource.)